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Welcome to the Famos website! Since 1991, we have been making the best selection of flours, spices, gormet spice blends, beans, pulses and food ingredients under the Famos brand.
We are now the biggest importers of Chana Dahl and the biggest millers of Gram Flour in the EC which is considered to be the industry standard.
Here you will find information on all of our speciality flours, spices, beans and pulses as well as exciting recipes for you to try out at home.

Famos™ company history  

The History of Famos

Arcadia Food Industries Ltd was incorporated in 1991 and is committed to enhancing the pedigree of the Famos name which has been established for over 20 years. more >>

Famos™ product range  

Famos Product Range

Our range of Herbs and Spices is second to none. We stock a complete range of products, and we are able to offer the finest quality products from around the world. more >>

Famos™ recipe book  

Famos Recipe Book

For adventurous cooks, the cuisine of India is an absolute delight. Exotic spices create a culinary explosion of flavours, aromas and colours. more >>

Famos™ Gram Flour

Famos Gram Flour is milled and graded in the UK using the finest Chana Dahl. more >>


Famos Product List

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Dahls, Pulses & Beans
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Maize Products
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Spices & Wholeseeds
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Whole Grains
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Canned Goods
Snacks, Sweets & Savouries
Nuts & Fruits
Cereals & Seeds


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