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Famos product list

The following is a list of some of the Flours, Pulses, Herbs and Spices that we hold in stock. Please appreciate that this list is by no means exhaustive, and if a Flour, Pulse, Herb or Spice exists then we can obtain it for you.

Famos Gram Flour Range

FAMOS Gram Flour

FAMOS Gram Flour 6x2kg
FAMOS Gram Flour 12x1kg
FAMOS Gram Flour 24x500g
FAMOS Gram Flour 5kg
FAMOS Gram Flour 20kg
FAMOS Gram Flour 25kg
FAMOS Gram Flour Luddoo 25kg
FAMOS Gram Flour Maghaz 25kg
FAMOS Gram Flour Superfine 25kg

FAMOS Dahls, Pulses & Beans

Famos Dahls, Pluses & Beans Range FAMOS Adzuki Beans Red
FAMOS Alubia Beans
FAMOS Black Eye Beans
FAMOS Black Semsen Chana
FAMOS Blue Peas Whole/Split
FAMOS Brown Lentils Whole
FAMOS Marrowfat Peas Whole/Split
FAMOS Borlotti beans
FAMOS Broad Beans Whole/Split
FAMOS Chick Peas Turkish
FAMOS Cow Peas Caloona
FAMOS Green Peas Split
FAMOS Dun Peas Split Whole
FAMOS Faba Beans Icarus Whole/Split
FAMOS Black Chana Dahl (Tyson Chick Peas)
FAMOS Chana Dahl (Split Tyson Chick Peas)
FAMOS Faba Beans Split/Whole
FAMOS Flageolet Beans
FAMOS Lab Lab (Val) Koala White
FAMOS Split/Whole
FAMOS Lab Lab (Val) Koala Whole
FAMOS Laird Lentils
FAMOS Lima Beans
FAMOS Lupins Hamburg
FAMOS Maple Peas
FAMOS Moong Celera Whole Green
FAMOS Moong Dahl Green Spilt
FAMOS Moong Whole Yellow Washed
FAMOS Moth Dahl Whole
FAMOS Peas White
FAMOS Pigeon Peas (Toor) Whole/Split
FAMOS Red Kidney Beans
FAMOS Red Split Lentils
FAMOS Semsen Chana Dahl
FAMOS Soya Bean White Eye
FAMOS Toor Dahl Oily Malawi
FAMOS Urid Dahl Black Whole/Split
FAMOS Urid Dahl White Whole/ Split
FAMOS Vetch Namoi Woolly Pod
FAMOS Vetch Poppany Purple
FAMOS Vetch Blanchefleur Brown
FAMOS Vetches Languedoc Red
FAMOS Yellow Pea Chips
FAMOS Yellow Spilt Peas

Famos Rice Products

FAMOS Rice Products

FAMOS Basmati Rice Broken Sortexed
FAMOS Ground Rice
FAMOS Rice Flour
FAMOS Rice Powha (Rice Flakes) FAMOS Easy Cook Rice Premium
FAMOS Easy Cook Rice Standard
FAMOS Pre-fluffed Rice
FAMOS Rice Cones

FAMOS Maize Products

Famos Maize Range FAMOS Corn Flakes (Makki Powha)
FAMOS Maize Flour
FAMOS Polenta Med./Fine
FAMOS Maize Grits
FAMOS Maize Starch
FAMOS Maize Whole (Juwar) Flour

FAMOS Flours / Varieties

FAMOS Chapatti Flour White
FAMOS Chapatti Flour Medium
FAMOS Chapatti Flour Brown
FAMOS Almond & Nut Powder Mixed
FAMOS Blanched Almond Powder Pure
FAMOS Coconut Flour
FAMOS Desiccated Coconut Fine
FAMOS Millet Flour (Bajri)
FAMOS Potato Starch
FAMOS Red Split Lentil Powder
FAMOS Self Raising Flour
FAMOS Plain Flour
FAMOS Urid Flour Coarse
FAMOS Yellow Split Pea Flour
FAMOS Black Chana Flour
FAMOS Chick Pea Flour Coarse
FAMOS Lima Bean (Butterbean) Flour

FAMOS Spices & Wholeseeds

FAMOS Aniseed (Soonf)
FAMOS Aniseed Whole Star
FAMOS Black Peppercorns
FAMOS FAQ/Szechwan
FAMOS Caraway Seed
FAMOS Cardamom Husk Green
FAMOS Cardamom Seed Green
FAMOS Cardamoms Black/ Green
FAMOS Cassia Bark Whole Lignea
FAMOS Celery Seed
FAMOS Chillies Crushed
FAMOS Chillies Whole (Birds Eye)
FAMOS Chillies Whole
FAMOS Cinnamon Bark/Sticks
FAMOS Coves Whole (Long)
FAMOS Coriander Seeds
FAMOS Cumin Seeds
FAMOS Dill Seeds
FAMOS Fennel seeds (Ajwain)
FAMOS Ginger Split Dried
FAMOS Ginger Whole Peeled
FAMOS Green Peppercorns
FAMOS Liquorice Root
FAMOS Mehti Seeds (Fenugreek)
FAMOS Mustard Seed Brown/Yellow
FAMOS Nigella Seed (Kalonji)
FAMOS Nutmeg Whole
FAMOS Onions Kibbled
FAMOS Pimento All Spice
FAMOS Pomegranate Seeds (Anardana)
FAMOS Red Peppercorns Reunion
FAMOS Turmeric (Haldi) Madras Finger
FAMOS White Peppercorns FAQ/TGEB
Famos Angelica Root
Famos Bay Leaves
Famos Lomag/Carom Seeds (Ajwain)
Famos Mace Stems (Jalwanthri)
Famos Orris Root

FAMOS Spices Ground

Famos Ground Spice Range FAMOS Amchur Powder
FAMOS Asafoetida Compounded (Hing) Powder
FAMOS Black Pepper Cracked Coarse/Fine
FAMOS Black Pepper Powder
FAMOS Cardamom Powder White
FAMOS Celery Powder
FAMOS Chilli Powder
FAMOS Cloves Powder (Long)
FAMOS Coriander Powder
FAMOS Cumin (Jeera) Powder
FAMOS Fennel (Ajwain) Powder
FAMOS Fenugreek (Mehti) Powder
FAMOS Five Spice Powder
FAMOS Garlic Flakes/Granules/Powder
FAMOS Haldi (Turmeric) Powder
FAMOS Lemon Peel Granules
FAMOS Lemon Peel Powder
FAMOS Liquorice Powder
FAMOS Mace Powder
FAMOS Mustard Powder Brown/Yellow
FAMOS Nutmeg Ground
FAMOS Onion Powder
FAMOS Orange Peel Granules/Powder
FAMOS Paprika Powder
FAMOS Pimento Ground
FAMOS Rosemary Powder
FAMOS Sage Powder
FAMOS Star Aniseed Powder
FAMOS Thyme Powder Grey/Red/White
FAMOS White Pepper Powder
Famos Bay Leaf Powder
Famos Cardamom Powder Black
Famos Carom/Lomag (Ajwain) Powder
Famos Cassia (Dalchini) Powder
Famos Oregano Powder
Famos Orris Root Powder

FAMOS Blended Spices

Famos Blended Spice Range FAMOS Coriander/Cumin Powder
FAMOS Curry Powder Mild/Hot/Vindaloo
FAMOS Garam Masala G Blend
FAMOS Garam Masala V Blend
FAMOS Mustard/Mehti Powder
FAMOS Tandoori Masala
FAMOS Curry Powder Mild
FAMOS Curry Powder Medium
FAMOS Curry Powder Hot
FAMOS Curry Powder Malaysian Blend
FAMOS Mixed Spice
FAMOS Achar/Pickle Masala
FAMOS Chaat Masala

FAMOS Whole Grains

FAMOS Barley Malt
FAMOS Barley Pearl
FAMOS Millet Seed Japan
FAMOS Millet Seed

FAMOS Herbs Culinary

FAMOS Basil Rubbed
FAMOS Bay Leaves
FAMOS Chive Flakes
FAMOS Chive Rolls
FAMOS Coriander Leaves
FAMOS Dill Tips
FAMOS Lemon Grass
FAMOS Lemon Thyme
FAMOS Marjoram
FAMOS Mehti Leaves
FAMOS Mixed Herbs
FAMOS Olive Leaf
FAMOS Oregano
FAMOS Parsley
FAMOS Rosemary
FAMOS Savory
FAMOS Tarragon
FAMOS Thyme Leaf Grey/Red/White
FAMOS Uvae Ursi Leaf
FAMOS Spearmint

Canned Goods

Boiled Chick Peas 12x14oz
Curried Kabli Chana PAKSTAR 12x14oz
FAMOS Chopped Tomatoes
Keema Peas PAKSTAR
FAMOS Tomato Puree
FAMOS Plum Tomatoes

FAMOS Snacks, Sweets & Savouries

FAMOS Fennel Seeds Sugar Coated
FAMOS Poppadoms
FAMOS Sweet Rewdi
FAMOS Roasted Black Chana (Mahablar Shuri)

FAMOS Clinicals

Famos Clinicals Range FAMOS Citric Acid
FAMOS Green Food Colour
FAMOS Monosodium Glutamate MSG
FAMOS Black Rock Salt
FAMOS Coconut Milk Tins
FAMOS Coconut Milk Powder
FAMOS Granulated Sugar
FAMOS Milk Powder
FAMOS Red Food Colour
FAMOS Yellow Food Colour

FAMOS Nuts & Fruits

FAMOS Juniper Berries
FAMOS Lemon Peel
FAMOS Orange Peel Bitter/Sweet
FAMOS Peanuts
FAMOS Almonds
FAMOS Cashew Nuts (LWP) Large White Pieces
FAMOS Cashew Nuts (SWP) Small White Pieces
FAMOS Cashew Nuts Whole
FAMOS Peanuts (Pink) Small/Medium
FAMOS Peanuts (Red) Small/Medium/Jumbo
FAMOS Pistachio Kernels
FAMOS Pistachio Kernels Unsalted
FAMOS Pistachio Kernel Halves Unsalted
FAMOS Sultanas Golden
FAMOS Sultanas Green

FAMOS Cereals & Seeds

FAMOS Canary Seed
FAMOS Linseed Whole
FAMOS Oat Bran
FAMOS Oats Instant
FAMOS Oats Ordinary
FAMOS Oats quick cooking
FAMOS Oats Rolled
FAMOS Popcorn
FAMOS Poppy Seed Blue
FAMOS Poppy Seed White (Khas-Khas)
FAMOS Rape Seed
FAMOS Safflower Seeds White
FAMOS Semolina
FAMOS Sesame Seed Hulled
FAMOS Sorghum Red/White/Yellow
FAMOS Sunflower Kernels
FAMOS Sunflower Seeds Black/Grey Striped
FAMOS Melon Seeds (Achar Maghaz)
FAMOS Millet White Whole


Source State/ FAMOS Branded Cartons, Sacks, Drums, Bales/Polythene Coated Multi-Ply Paper Sacks/ Polypropylene Sacks with Separate Poly Liner/5kg & 2.5kg Plastic Pails/Drums.

100 Gram to 2kg Poly-Laminate Sachets & Paper Bags in Cartons/5kg Multi- Ply Paper Sacks.

Heat Treated Spices/Ingredients Available on request.

Price Basis:

Available on Ex Works/CIF/FOB/FOT Basis Palletised/FCL/LCL.

Minimum Order 250

All goods/prices offered subject to Final Confirmation and Availability and according to Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

All goods are warranted to be as described and Conform to Current Regulations of the Sale of Foods & Drugs Act and any other Statutory Requirements & Regulations relating to the Sale of Food in the UK.

If you cannot see the product(s) you require on the website then please feel free to email or telephone us. Telephone: +44 (0) 1274 656900 | Email: sales@famos.co.uk


Famos Product List

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