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Famos - All New Gram Flour

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The Famos Dragon - Chinese Range

Famos Dragon

Arcadia Food Industries are working to attain the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) and BRC (British Retail Council) quality standards.

ISO is the worlds largest developer of standards. Although ISO's principal activity is the development of technical standards, ISO standards also have important economic and social repercussions. ISO standards make a positive difference, not just to engineers and manufacturers for whom they solve basic problems in production and distribution, but to society as a whole.

British Retail Council
The Standard was created to establish a standard for the supply of food products and to act as key piece of evidence for UK retailers and brand owners to demonstrate "due diligence" in the face of potential prosecution by the enforcement authorities.
This publication has now become the international mark of excellence. Certification to the Standard verifies technical competence and aids manufacturers, brand owners and retailers fulfilment of legal obligations. It also safeguards the consumer.
The Standard is currently used by suppliers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Far East, Australasia, North and South America - a truly global Standard.


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