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Famos™ company history

Arcadia Food Industries Ltd was incorporated in 1991 and is committed to enhancing the pedigree of the Famos name which has been established for over 25 years. In a global market, we are manufacturers of Flours, Spices and Wholefoods in the EC of the highest standards.

Famos™ gram flour On inception, we realised the need to exhibit a high level of Purity, Quality, Authenticity, Flavour, Taste and Value in our Famos products. At a high level of conformity, that is expected of the discerning standards of the UK and the EC. Also there was the need to educate and make readily available of what was termed "Ethnic" in terms of ingredients and cooking into the mainstream.

Consequently, we have seen tremendous growth in the food industry in Indian, Chinese, Oriental and Latin American ready-made meals, snacks, savouries and sweets which are readily available to the general consumer. This has been achieved through the provision of quality ingredients from reputable houses such as Famos Flours, Spices, and natural Wholefoods.

ye olde Famos™ logo We are now the main importers of Chana Dahl (Tyson Chick Peas) and the biggest millers of Gram Flour in the EC. Famos Gram Flour is considered to be the industry standard. This is not our only product, we have Famos exotic spices (whole, ground and spice blends), speciality flours and herbs, beans, pulses, lentils and legumes.

We are able to mill and blend spices, specialty flours and source many food ingredients. Over the years we have accumulated a wide experience of handling and processing food commodities which includes the cleaning of beans, pulses, lentils and legumes. We have an active policy of investment in new machinery, plant and processes.


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